To Larry Crumbley


Larry Crumbley Meets Frank W. Abagnale At Miami NACVA Convention, June 2004 Cynthia Cooper and Glenn Sumners, May 2006



Easter Island (December 2006) Chile (December 2006)



Punting in Cambridge, England (July 2006)  Two peas in a pod, Paris (November 2008)


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

June 2009


June 2009



Savaging of an Innocent Tourist

Angkor Thom

Cut from Tomb Raider

June 2009


Tasmanian Devils and Accountants (October, 2005)

Wed, 27 Jun 2001: In Colonia, Uruguay. 

Left to Right: Donna Crumbley, Nick Apostolou (LSU), Larry Crumbley (LSU), Susan Schiffman

In Peru

In San Pedro Town, Belize


Jaipur, India


Santorini, Greece


Cork Farm in Portugal, January 2002 with Louis Lopez and Donna

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (Summer 2001) with Professor Apostolou


Cappadocia, Turkey (Summer 2000)


Cayman Brac (May 1998)


Antarctica (December 1998)


The Freedom Fence in Belfast, Ireland

June 22 - 29, 2002 Outside Lagos, Nigeria
Exxon Mobil Petroleum Accounting Class

Front row, left to right: Chief Willie Belonwu, Chief O. Harris, Linda Nichols, and Crumbley


June 29, 2002 Outside Lagos, Nigeria
Crumbley, Chief Harris and Linda Nichols


Top of Bell Tower, early June 2003

Apostolou, Nina Lee Darley (Salt Lake City) and Crumbley


St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy, June 6, 2003

Apostolou, Nick Brignola, Crumbley


Liechtenstein Early January 2004  Victoria Falls, Zambia Mid-Nineties




Another Race Car Driver From Kannapolis, N.C., May 15, 2004




Crumbley Visited His 100th Country, Makedonija, On June 26, 2004


Dr. Crumbley With Brother Isadore Outside The Monastery Of Vatopaidi At Mount Althos In Late June  2004


Down the Amazon with Flat Stanley

Summer 2007 Erskine Fellow - University of Canterbury

Mindy Chen-Wishart & Larry Crumbley



Piranha Catch Spring Break 2005


Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand, Summer 2007

Dana, Daniel & Caleb

Ayers Rock, Australia, Summer 2007



Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury,                                         

with Andrew Maples, Summer 2007



Society of Louisiana CPA    

2007 LCPA Lifetime Achievement in Accounting Education Award



Tainan Univ. of Technology, Tainan, Taiwan, June 2008



Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, June 2008

On the Bund, Shanghai, May 2007 China Tour, May 2007

              Oil & Gas Workshop, Kuala Lumpur

                Anna Lisa (left) and Daisy A. Kibir (right)


Cowboys v. Niners

John, Jacob, Ryan, 2008

 With Co-Captain John Pehrson

(November 2008)


   Niagara Falls, November 2008

Chih-Chen Lee and Dominic Peltier-Rivest

University of Toronto Corporate Governance Conference

 2008 Case Studies

Mayor Kip Holden, Cynthia Cooper, Sam Tiras




  20th Asian-Pacific Conference

Zab Rezaee and Fouad AiNajjar

        Paris, November 2008

 Petroleum Accounting Seminar - Kuala Lampur

Do Thi Thu Trang, Leonides Garcia, Salvaclon Garcia and Phuong Pham

December 2008

 Mickey Spillane & Sherlock Holmes?



Broncos Stadium, 2011






     Porto, Portugal September 2012  


  Kuala Lumpur Petroleum Course

September 2012




ARI Retreat, September 7,  2012, Malaysia 


Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi with Oybek Mamadaliev





Grand Mosque, December 2012, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E 


Bangkok, Thailand, May 2013





Another Exciting Rangers' Win, June 2013


Fujairah, UAE, 125th country, July 2013





USAID, Forensic Audit, Lahore University, Pakistan, November, 2013




Bill Balhoff, August 2013

President AICPA


Dubai, UAE

March, 2014




LSU Women's Basketball Coach's Signature

April, 2014




Retirement Cake

May, 2014



Pfieffer University Fraud and Forensic Investigations Conference

June, 2014


Meeting Richard Scrushy

June, 2014


Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference

July, 2014








To Larry Crumbley