Evaluation of Administrators by Faculty Members:  Web-page in preparation.

A planned program to allow for the anonymous evaluation of Louisiana State University 

and A & M College Administrators by faculty members is being developed for this site.  

Completion and accessibility for use is expected before December, 2002.

Why Join The AAUP?
Because Academic Freedom Is Not Free

Active AAUP membership is open to

  • Teaching and Research faculty, including postdoctoral fellows and instructors
  • Librarians
Also eligible to join are
  • Graduate students
  • Administrators
  • Supporters of higher education
Benefits Program
The AAUP's benefits program features
  • A subscription to Academe, the AAUP's bimonthly journal;
  • A special introductory rate to the Chronicle of Higher Education;
  • Professional liability insurance;
  • Group term life insurance;
  • Disability insurance;
  • A catatrophic medical expense plan;
  • Hospital indemnity insurance; and
  • An AAUP Gold MasterCard.
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LSU Chapter Officers: Advisory Board Members:

Roger Stockbauer , President
Department of Physics

Neil Kestner
Department of Chemistry

Richard L. Kurtz, Treasurer

Department of Chemistry

Manjit S. Kang, Secretary
Department of Agronomy

James Catano, English Department

Dominique Homberger, Biological Sciences

Patrick McGee, English Department

John Rogers Smith, Petroleum Engineering

Our membership typically consists of faculty members who care deeply about the university and academia in general and are engaged at various levels to make LSU a better place for its students and faculty. The LSU chapter is maintaining a good working relationship with LSU's administration and the LSU Faculty Senate. Its officers also volunteer as advisors for faculty members who need advice on academic and professional matters. AAUP advisors are committed to confidentiality and to non-confrontational, non-partisan approaches to solving academic or professional questions.


1012 Fourteenth Street, NW

Suite 500

Washington, DC 20005-3465

If you wish a copy of the LSU budget salaries for September 2001, email Paul Bell.


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