June 4, 2010

BATON ROUGE – The Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Section of the American Accounting Association recently published a scholarly monograph co-edited by E. J. Ourso College of Business KPMG Endowed Professor Larry Crumbley. Crumbley worked on the project with Ronald Flinn, accounting associate professor at Creighton University.

The monograph, Measuring Learning Rather than Satisfaction in Higher Education, is comprised of 13 articles that attack administrators’ misuse of Student Evaluation of Teachers, known as SETs.

In an interview with the AAA, Crumbley said the dysfunctional education system based upon the misguided concept that students are customers has allowed “the inmates to be in charge of the prison.”

According to the monograph’s preface, professors today are hired, fired, promoted, tenured and punished largely based on student opinions. Crumbley and Flinn contend in the preface that most professors are now in the satisfaction business instead of the teaching business because of SETs.

Crumbley and Flinn, in the monograph preface, encourage those concerned with higher education and student learning to inspect the current system, which “allows administrators to increase retention rates at the expense of learning.”

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