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Aug 11, 2011

 Dangerous Hoops is Larry Crumbley's thirteenth educational novel.

BATON ROUGE - KPMG Peat Marwick Endowed Professor Larry Crumbley of the Department of Accounting and Instructor Thomas Karam of the Department of Marketing are two of the four coauthors of the recently released Dangerous Hoops: A Forensic Marketing Action Adventure.

Published by LSU Press, the book is “part crime novel, part textbook,” according to the publisher’s description. Dangerous Hoops “combines the principles of marketing and forensic accounting into a lively narrative to educate and entertain.”

According to Crumbley, Dangerous Hoops is “part crime novel, part textbook, and combines the principles of marketing and forensic accounting into a lively narrative to educate and entertain.”

Set in the world of professional sports, Dangerous Hoops introduces FBI Agent Bill Douglass, marketing professor Caleb Pehrson and a Boston Celtics vice-president of sales who purse a deadly extortionist to save lives and spare the National Basketball Association from a public relations nightmare. The adventurous storyline has demands for cash and diamonds, poisoned collector’s cards and botched drop-offs. The tale uses the foundation of business and marketing with examples from the world of pro basketball to educate readers.

“Today’s students are accustomed to television and movies, and the video generation likes mental simulation and verbal pictures to job their memories, rather than gray pages of technical material alone,” Crumbley said. “Proven aids in learning include the element of surprise in a novel when a learner encounters an unexpected phenomenon and the retention of a new concept that appears in a dramatic, unusual context.”

For Crumbley, this is the thirteenth education novel he has written or co-wrote. In addition to Karam, he was joined this time by Fred Campbell, a retired professor of marketing from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Peter Maresco, a clinical associate professor at the John F. Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University.

Dangerous Hoops can be purchased at or electronically for Kindle, Google or Nook.

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