Forensic & Investigative Accounting

6th Edition

Teaching Forensic Accounting?

The days of creative accounting as practiced by Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia and a host of others appear to be numbered. “Corporate Ethics” has become fashionable again, as it was when Arthur Andersen was teaching, before the accounting firm he founded (which once employed 20,000 professionals) became tainted and subsequently failed. If you’re an accounting educator ready to rise from the troubles that have rocked the profession, then look to CCH’s innovative and timely new course book, Forensic and Investigative Accounting.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting is authored by three distinguished professors of accounting who bring a wealth of both teaching and real-world experience to the text materials.

D. Larry Crumbley-Professor, Louisiana State University
Lester E. Heitger-Professor, Missouri State University
G. Stevenson Smith-Professor, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

This readily teachable, outstanding new textbook provides in-depth, clear explanations of the concepts, substantive issues, and practices associated with Forensics Accounting. Pedagogical features peppered throughout enhance the text materials--Chapter Objectives, numerous illustrative Examples, Figures, Tables, and Special information sidebars engage students and keep the presentations lively and interesting. End of Chapter Problems test student understanding and reinforce the key concepts and practices discussed. There’s even a companion Instructor’s Guide and Test Bank available to adopters that will greatly assist your instruction.

Major divisions of the text examine: 1) Discipline and Practice of Forensic Accounting (two chapters); 2) Uncovering Accounting Fraud (four chapters); 3) Courtroom Procedures and Litigation Support (four chapters); 4) Cybercrime (three chapters); 5) Business Valuations (one chapter).

The introductory Chapters provide a historical overview of forensic accounting and discussion of forensic specialties, career opportunities, associations and certifications. Next, the methods accountants employ to uncover crime, financial fraud, and misappropriation of assets are presented, and important topics related to money laundering and transnational financial flows are examined. The text logically progresses to an in-depth review of courtroom procedures, litigation, evidence and damages. The latter Chapters cover the most modern of topics, cybercrime, where loss valuations for web sites, legal issues and criminal profiling are studied. Students are also introduced to Business Valuations.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting explains and demonstrates how an effective forensic accountant needs a solid understanding of accounting, investigative auditing techniques, criminology, and courtroom procedures, as well as excellent communications skills, both written and oral. In today's litigious and highly regulated climate, all accountants--external, internal, forensic consultants, and corporate accountants--must possess this knowledge base and develop these techniques. This intriguing text provides unparalleled guidance to help develop the mindset and the skillset to meet the evolving challenges facing accountants today.

Learning Aids:

  • Pedagogical aids built into the text include chapter objectives and numerous illustrative examples, figures, tables and special informational sidebars to engage students throughout and keep the presentation lively.
  • Each chapter includes problems to test a student's understanding of the material presented.
  • A special Instructor's Guide that includes chapter problems and solutions along with a test bank with solutions is available to adopting instructors. [Instructor's Guide Offer # 900888801; CD Offer # 90088802]


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This bundle includes: Forensic & Investigative Accounting (6th Edition) and Forensic & Investigative Accounting Case book (1st Edition)

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