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I will come to you.

One and 1 1/2 day seminar on forensic accounting, forensic techniques, and fraud detection at company locations anywhere. I have taught Russian, Chinese, British and Nigerian executives. Contact Larry Crumbley (225-578-6231)

The following are a collection of paper and short stories that pertain to fraud and fraud perpetrators.  These papers were written by students at the Louisiana State University.

  Nick Brignola - "Fraud Perpetrator Profile: A Short Story"

  Lisa Eversole - "Profile of a Fraudster"

  Tammy Hinds - "Governor J. Fife Symington, III "

Jennifer Duvall - "Inventory Fraud - Don't Be Left Scratching Your Head "

Darrell Langlois - "Healthcare Fraud Sweeps the U.S."

"Finding fraud is like using a metal detector at a city dump to find rare coins. You're going to have a lot of false hits." - D. Larry Crumbley



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