September 2001 Issue

 Congratulations Dr. Crumbley!

 Matthew Bender wishes to congratulate Dr. Larry Crumbley for his 25 years of service as editor of the Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly and its predecessor Oil, Gas & Tax Quarterly. The Quarterly changed its name as of the September 1997 issue. Dr. Crumbley became the Associate Editor for the March 1976 issue, and assumed the full editorship with the December 1976 issue. He has since edited 100 issues or more than 20,000 pages since his first issue in December 1976.

Nick Apostolou says that “Larry Crumbley is probably the longest-tenured editor of an accounting periodical. His unique contribution to the accounting profession as editor of this important journal commands the greatest respect of the accounting and tax profession. He, himself, also has published about 43 articles in the Quarterly over these 25 years.”

The first issue of the then named Oil and Gas Tax Quarterly was October 1951, created by James T. William II and who was the first editor. Kenneth G. Miller took charge as of the July 1952 edition and continued through the July 1964 issue. Over the next thirteen years there were five editors: Gifford E. Joseph, Thomas P. Brightwell, Leland E. Fiske, Cecil L. Smith, and Lorence Bravenec.        

Professor Murphy Smith, a prolific writer at Texas A&M University, said that Dr. Crumbley took over the editorship and stabilized the publication. “Through the Quarterly, Dr. Crumbley has made a profound impact on the accounting and taxation aspects of the oil, gas, and energy fields. From an overall industry perspective, I doubt if anyone has played a more vital role than Larry Crumbley.”

In 1977, Professor Crumbley started with eleven Advisory board members, and he currently has 29 advisory board members. John Price became the Associate Editor as of the September 1988 issue for four issues. Clair Nixon became the Associate Editor in December 1991, until Howell Lynch became Associate Editor in the June 1993 issue. Dianna Ross Coker became Associate Editor with the September 1995 issue, until Linda M. Nichols took over for the September 1997 issue.

Professor Crumbley indicates that through the hard times and the good times he has been blessed with a number of helpful people. He particularly mentioned Pricewaterhouse Cooper who have produced four columns year-after-year, especially practitioners like James G. Crump and Luther L. Campbell. “Professor Ken Orbach has been so helpful and professional throughout the years with his ‘Continuing Professional Education’ columns.” The quarterly columns over the years have added tremendous benefits to the natural resources profession.

Here is a who’s who list of some of the authors in alphabetical order who have contributed excellent research over these 25 years (many have contributed multiple articles):

Mimi L. Alciatore, Mark Alford, Barbara and Nick Apostolou, Barry Arlinghaus, Ron Bagley, Richard Baker, Dale Bandy, John Bazley, Anthony Billings, Robert Blatz, Horace Brock, Ruth Bullard, Frank Burke, Ralph Byington, Debra Callihan, Steven Cash, Luther L. Campbell, Gregory Carnes, Dianna Ross Coker, John Crain, Terry Crain, James Crump, Anthony Curatola, Ed Deakin, Tom Dickens, Mark Edmunds, Rich Elam, Ted Englebrecht, Jack R. Fay, Edmund Fenton, Anna Fowler, Rebecca Gallum, Robert Gardner, Craig Goodman, Steve Grossman, Hugh Grove, Phil Harmelink, James Houghton, James Hasselback, Debra Jeter, David Joy, William Joyce, Allan Karnes, Robert Koester, Jack Kramer, Stan Kratchman, Ernest Larkins, Martha L. Loudder, Michael S. Luehlfing, Paul MacAvoy, David Malone, Richard S. Mark, Gary A. McGill, Paul Munter, Phillip G. Neal, Linda Nichols, Thomas Oxner, Thomas Pope, Ralph Pope, Clyde Posey, Charles E. Price, John E. Price, Jack Robinson, Sara Rushinek, Peter Salzarulo, Eugene Seago, Jim Seida, Murphy Smith, Jerry Strawser, Greg Thibadoux, John R. Tripp, William L. West, Clark Wheatley, Westley W. Williams, Charlotte Wright, Lorraine M. Wright, Ron Young, Earl Zachry and many more. Note the quality of the papers in this issue.

Dr. Crumbley is truly an editor’s editor. Keep up the excellent work for many more years please. The petroleum industry has been blessed with the steady editorship talents of Dr. Crumbley, who has been both academic and practical.


Matthew Bender’s Editorial Staff