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            Although the anthrax scare is not new in novels, an educational novel entitled The Big R: A Forensic Accounting Action Adventure by three professors evolves around a series of heinous biological and chemical murders occurring every time there was a perfect game in baseball. The home run record by Barry Bonds is forgotten. Using sarin and other chemical and biological weapons, baseball is completely unprepared for the risk this season -- major league murders in the stands.  

            Crumbley is back with a psychological thriller that will make chills run down your spine.  Dr. Larry Crumbley, author of twelve other novels and aka Iris Weil Collett, has joined with Doug Ziegenfuss and Ed Fenton to develop the Third Edition of an educational novel for forensic accounting (FA).

             The Big "R:" A Forensic Accounting Action Adventure is a supplementary book to be used near the end of a forensic accounting, an internal auditing (IA), an auditing, or fraud examination course.  The novel could be used in a graduate investment class, also.  This FA novel would be ideal for a MBA course or a finance course that has light coverage of accounting, or could be used in FA's in-house training programs.  An external auditor interested in outsourcing or co-sourcing an internal auditing function should read this book.

         This instructional novel mixes baseball, forensic auditing, serial killers, fraud, risks, chemical and biological agents, and scuba diving to get a better way of learning forensic auditing.  A certified internal auditor, a forensic accountant, and a FBI agent work together to find serial killers striking at baseball parks.  The killers are able to frame Milt Pappas, a former Chicago Cubs pitcher, as the person responsible for the terror. In 1972, Milt Pappas came within one out pitching a perfect game, but according to Pappas, the umpire called at least two strikes balls, resulting in the twenty-seventh batter walking to first base. That umpire was killed in the novel.

         So put on your baseball cap and pull on your baseball spikes.  Enjoy the thrills, excitement, and humor of 17 unique events in baseball history as told to you in an exciting historical fiction.  The plot is breathtaking as serial killers strike with impunity.  Watch a FBI agent, an internal auditor of the New York Yankees, and a forensic accountant stalk the killers as baseball is traumatized by grizzly murders in various baseball parks.

         Excerpt from The Big "R:"
         Just before Primrose the voice was on the CB again.  "I'm back, Fred. What do you mean by forensic?"

         Fred was startled.  "Forensic refers to that which is used by the courts.  It's an adjective attached to the branches of certain sciences--chemistry, pathology, geology, anthropology . . . "

         "Did you see the movie 'Speed'?"

          "No," was Fred's only remark.  He was becoming more frightened.  He had seen "Speed."  He could still see the explosions in the movie.

          A professor can use this novel to stimulate interest and supplement a forensic accounting, auditing, or internal auditing class.  Readers will enjoy the suspense of this psychological thriller that integrates the foundation of forensic auditing and fraud examination and bring these applications to real life.  By the way producers, Professor Crumbley has a movie script ready to go.

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