Dangerous Hoops: A Forensic Marketing Action Adventure

 LSU University Press

Part crime novel, part textbook, Dangerous Hoops combines the principles of marketing and forensic accounting into a lively narrative to educate and entertain.

Set in the world of professional sports, Dangerous Hoops introduces FBI agent Bill Douglass as he pursues a deadly extortionist in order to save lives - and spare the NBA from a public relations nightmare. The adventurous storyline - complete with demands for cash and diamonds, poisoned basketball collectors' cards and botched drop-offs - also uses the foundations of accounting and marketing with examples from the world of pro basketball.

Both innovative and educational, Dangerous Hoops, provides real instruction in a novel form and serves as a refreshing text for business majors and MBA students. Excellent supplementary text for most marketing courses.


Available August 2011


272 Pages, 6 x 9

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