Working Papers

"Economic Well-being and Anti-Semitic, Xenophobic, and Racist Attitudes in Germany," with Christian Raschke.

"Does Secular Education Impact Religiosity, Electoral Participation, and the Propensity to Vote for Islamic Parties? Evidence from an Education Reform in a Muslim Country, " with Resul Cesur.

"Alcohol Consumption, Deterrence and Crime in New York City," with Hope Corman (NBER Working Paper No:18731).

"The Impact of Mothers' Earnings on Health Inputs and Infant Health," with Christian Raschke and Bulent Unel (NBER Working Paper No: 19434).

"Empowering Women Through Education: Evidence from Sierra Leone," with Colin Cannonier (NBER Working Paper No:18016).

"Skill-biased Technological Change, Earnings of Unskilled Workers, and Crime," with Bulent Unel (NBER WP No:17605)


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