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   Working Papers
  • “Politics and Entrepreneurial Activity in the U.S.,” with L. Beland and O. Eren, May 2015. (Paper)

  • “Democrats and Unions,” with L. Beland, April 2015. (Paper)

  • “The Impact of Party Affiliation of U.S. Governors on Immigrants' Labor-Market Outcomes,” with L. Beland, March 2015. (Paper)

  • “Firm Productivity, Occupational Choice, and Inequality in a Global Economy,” with E. Dinopoulos, Revised: March 2015. (Paper)

  • “Entrepreneurs, Jobs, and Trade,” with E. Dinopoulos, Revised: April 2015. (Paper)

  • “The Impact of Mothers' Earnings on Health Inputs and Infant Health," with N. Mocan and C. Raschke, Revised: August 2014. (Paper)

  • “Skill-Biased Technological Change, Earnings of Low-skill Workers, and Crime,” with N. Mocan, Revised: Oct. 2014. (Paper)

  • “Productivity Trends in India’s Manufacturing Sectors in the Last Two Decades,” IMF Working Paper, 2003. (Paper)

  • “Human Capital Formation and International Trade,” B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Forthcoming. (Paper)

  • “The Interaction Between Technology Adoption and Trade When Firms are Heterogeneous,” 2013. Review of International
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